Lloyd Flanders - Premium all-weather wicker, woven vinyl and teak outdoor furniture

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Lloyd Loom® Beautifully created to stand the test of time

Lloyd Loom® furniture is still made in the same facility where this special process was first developed in 1917. Marshall Burns Lloyd created a process by which cellulose strands are woven into a wicker fabric as an alternative to the then popular method of wrapping cane around a frame. 

Each hand-crafted piece of Lloyd Loom furniture made today uses the same process to create the loom fabric, though we've added advanced technologies over the last quarter century to produce a continuous strand that will not burr, crack, or peel, resulting in a consistently smooth weave.


The fiber used to create Lloyd Loom fabric is twisted into a sturdy cord and wound onto small spools, then rewound onto larger spools that feed into the looms. Our looms draw cord simultaneously from more than 500 spools to weave the Lloyd Loom fabric. A unique feature of Lloyd Loom is the use of aluminum stakes encased in loom fiber. These stakes are inserted into the fabric for enhanced stability and durability.

Once the loom fabric is woven, it's sealed to withstand the elements, dried and wrapped onto massive spools. These spools are taken to the cutting room, where the wicker fabric is cut to shape for each piece of furniture. Skilled craftsmen fit these pieces of fabric to aluminum frames that are shaped and welded in our facility, taking great care to stretch the wicker into place and secure it with custom-made stainless steel staples. The edges are trimmed and wicker braid is fitted into place by hand so that each piece is beautifully finished.

Fully assembled pieces are taken to our paint shop, where each receives two coats of environmentally friendly yet exceptionally tough Durium® paint. This advanced finishing material is a high solid, polyester resin based paint that's as flexible as it is durable, so it coats the furniture beautifully while providing a finish that can withstand summer heat and winter snow.


See how Lloyd Loom® is made, wrapped, and finished.


Other Materials Inherent elegance and durability.

Lloyd Flanders offers a unique selection of vinyl all-weather wicker furnishings. From the classic romance of Mackinac, inspired by its island namesake, to the modern elegance of Contempo, our vinyl collections represent the best of traditional, transitional and contemporary decor.


Lloyd Flanders vinyl furniture is made with 100% virgin vinyl and has no added "fillers." This ensures that our vinyl will remain soft and pliable through many years of use and will hold its shape. UV inhibitors are added to protect from sun damage and prevent excessive fading.

Like our Lloyd Loom products, Lloyd Flanders vinyl furniture features welded all-aluminum frames that are corrosion-resistant and extremely durable.

Our vinyl collections are available in a variety of distinctive colors, textures, and styles that are suited for all of today's outdoor living spaces.


Sustainably grown, FSC certified.

Lloyd Flanders offers teak tables that complement our Lloyd Loom and vinyl collections. Our premium teak wood is ideal for outdoor furniture because of its high oil content, inherent strength and tight grain. Teak is naturally resistant to decay and doesn't get brittle with age, adding to its capacity to withstand climate and environmental changes.

Lloyd Flanders uses only sustainably-grown and -harvested FSC-certified Brazilian teak wood in our outdoor teak furniture.



Cushioning Premium Outdoor Cushion System

Our premium outdoor cushion system redefines outdoor seating comfort. Our cushions feature exceptional comfort and resilience, inherently mildew/bacteria resistant components, and incorporate 1.5 density High Resilience California Fire Rated Foam.

Lloyd Flanders® cushions use Bio Comfort® Foam Core cushioning, made with soy-based products. This reduces dependence on petroleum-based products, for an environmentally friendly foam cushion. The Bio Comfort® Foam Core is wrapped with 100% polyester fiber, a combination meeting the requirements of Tech Bulletin Cal. 117-2013. Bio Comfort® is a registered trade mark of Prestige Fabrications, Inc.

Bonded to this foam and fiber wrapped core is a 100% polypropylene SMS jacket completely encompassing the cushion. The jacket is composed of two layers of spun bond fabric which sandwich an inner layer of meltblown fabric. Meltblown material is hydrophobic, which means to literally “shed water".



Lloyd Flanders is proud to offer a wide variety of fabrics, including our Lloyd Flanders in-stock swatchbook fabrics from Sunbrella®, Al Fresco, and Sunbury. Explore the range of colors, patterns and textures available to dress your Lloyd Flanders furniture.


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